Green Rising: An Alternative Future

Green Rising: An Alternative Future

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This is a revolutionary book. It explains the changes that have to be made in our corporations, our universities, our politics, our churches, and our worldview in order to have a society that is functional, and not destroying our environment. Robert's website.


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    quality paperback, 5.5" x 8.5", 192 pages, contains bibliography

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    Rev. Dr. John Badertscher

    Robert Johannson illuminates the most crucial issues facing our civilisation, shows how the issues are related, points to the possibility of healing, and does so in plain language. If you have the sense that something is wrong in our world, this book was written for you.

    Melanie J. Whyte

    With a clear headed look at the way our society works, and with a sense of humour, Robert Johannson leads his reader to an understanding of how and what we need to change to preserve life on planet earth. R. J. is grounded in a lifetime of engagement with philosophy, theology, mathematics, sociology, and politics, and offers the reader a comprehensive analysis of what holds us back from change and how we can move into a new way of thinking and behaving that could just save our world.